Supporting Members

Prof. Sean Ryder, NUI Galway

Dr Adrian Paterson, NUI Galway

Dr Simone Klapper, NUI Galway

Dr Elizabeth Tilley, NUI Galway

Dr Irina Ruppo, NUI Galway

Prof. Lionel Pilkington, NUI Galway

Dr Louis de Paor, NUI Galway

Prof. Paolo Bartoloni, NUI Galway

Dr Ian Walsh, NUI Galway

Dr Dan Carey, NUI Galway

Prof. Margaret Mills Harper, University of Limerick

Prof. Ákos Farkas, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Dr Timothy Hancock, Ulster University

Dr Mary Ann Bolder, Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Clair Moran, Queens University Belfast

Dr Guiliano Campo, Ulster University

Dr. Maria-Daniella Dick, University of Glasgow

Prof. Anne Fuchs, University College Dublin

Oona Frawley, Maynooth

Andrew Biswell, Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

Dr Stephanie Rains, Maynooth University

Dr. Michael Cronin, Maynooth University

Dr. Denis Condon, Maynooth University

Dr Roisin Kennedy, University College Dublin

Prof. Kathleen James Chakraborty, University College Dublin

Prof. John Brannigan, University College Dublin

Prof. Lucy Collins, University College Dublin

Dr. Tina O’Toole, University of Limerick

Mary Lawton, University College Cork


The Bristish Association for Modernist Studies

The Scottish Network of Modernist Studies


The International James Joyce Foundation