The crossbones of Galway, modernist vortex

By Adrian Paterson, NUI Galway In the second of MSI’s 2021 series of writing about place in Modernism, NUI Galway’s Adrian Paterson explores modernism’s connections to Galway – a place not immediately obvious as one for modernist pilgrimage. Time and space in the modernist period always collided and colluded, even before Einstein’s Special Theory of… Continue reading The crossbones of Galway, modernist vortex

“How can you own water really?”: rivers, (cash)flow and Ulysses

by Chris McCann, NUI Galway This is the first of MSI’s 2021 series of writing about place in Modernism. In honour of Bloomsday, NUI Galway’s Chris McCann explores the relationship between two Dublin rivers and commercial interests in the city’s built landscape. Despite the obvious centrality of water to Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, watercourses are also… Continue reading “How can you own water really?”: rivers, (cash)flow and Ulysses

Telling the Time: Modernism and Time Symposium

A virtual symposium on modernist understandings of time

9 June 2021 – NUI Galway (via Zoom)

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Finnegans Wake reading group

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