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Here at MSI we strive to expand the reach of modernist studies, providing opportunities for events, seminars, publications, as well as a platform for early career researchers. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and we are all passionate about studying literature, art, music, architecture, and everything else connected to modernism.

As part of the work we do (and what we have planned for the future) there are some necessary operating costs – all proceeds from the sale of merchandise in our store allow us to expand our work and keep access free, open, and easy.

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MSI’s Finnegans Wake Reading Group

Want to tackle the Wake but don’t know where to start? Looking to deepen your understanding of this modernist masterpiece? Join our reading group!

Modernist Studies Ireland (MSI) is a community, network, and event-hub designed to promote new research, readerships, publications, and archival holdings about modernism to a local and global audience.

We aim to facilitate the sharing of interests, research, and pedagogical approaches to modernism and modernity across the island of Ireland, including the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and throughout the world beyond.

Modernist Studies Ireland hosts news, events, and connections, and supports associated conferences, symposiums, and reading groups. These include a major Bi-Annual Conference and symposium, the Works in Progress seminar series, our Finnegans Wake Reading Group, and new opportunities and initiatives.

Showcasing new work on Irish modernists and on all kinds of modernisms by researchers across Ireland, readers, researchers and scholars of all kinds are invited to participate, join us for events, and contribute. Join our mailing list and contact us for details.